The philosophy of Meals on Wheels is simple. Emphasis is placed on individuals versus numbers; communities as opposed to governmental boundaries; and timely services versus waiting lists.

Help ensure no senior is left behind.
Sign up for healthy, nourishing meals.
Make an impact in your community. Volunteer.
Why Meals on Wheels

"I always thank them for delivering the meal because I know they're volunteering..." -Bobbie

Clients like Ms. Bobbie are the reason for Meals on Wheels North Central Texas. She says she enjoys every meal provided, and truly appreciates everyone who makes this service possible. 


Nearly 7.4 million seniors have incomes below the poverty line. That's an income of $240 a week or less. After housing, utility and medical expenses, that leaves very little for food. The numbers below reflect the efforts of Meals on Wheels North Central Texas in fiscal year 2021. 

Meals Served


Active Volunteers


Clients Served


Our Values

Compassion ~ Integrity ~ Community Serving Community ~ Planning today for tomorrows seniors ~ Generational Giveback