Wellness Checks

Client Assessment


At Meals on Wheels North Central Texas, we have a team of experienced case managers assisting our seniors at every turn. Each senior served by Meals on Wheels has a case manager assigned to them. This person handles their assessments, questions, concerns, referrals, and so much more. By having a case manager assigned, they know what is going on with their clients. This provided consistency with always speaking to the same person, building a relation on trust and understanding. This also allows Meals on Wheels to ensure each of our seniors is receiving the best care possible. 

You'll hear our staff and volunteers say, "It's more than a meal." It's so true. Along with meal delivery, a twice-a-week wellness check is conducted to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all of our seniors, Seniors are given the option to receive these by phone or text message. Any senior who chooses to receive wellness checks must answer to let Meals on Wheels know they are okay. If a senior does not respond to a wellness check in a timely manner, their emergency contact will be notified to check on them and get back to the office as soon as possible.