What is AniMeals?

AniMeals is just one of the special services provided by Meals on Wheels North Central Texas. Once a month, volunteers deliver donated dog and cat food to Meals on Wheels' recipients in their community.

Why AniMeals is Important?

  • Prevents clients with limited resources from sharing their home-delivered meals with their pets
  • Provides basic preventative vet care - vaccinations, spaying/neutering and flea treatment
  • Enables individuals to keep their companion animals, providing a special quality to their lives

Why Pets are Important to the Elderly?

  • A dog or cat is more than a pet; it can provide friendship, joy and a reason for living
  • Studies show that animal ownership also lowers illness levels and mortality rates
  • Most lack the resources to maintain companion pets, which may be their only “family” member

How Can I help?

  • Deliver pet food in your community
  • Make a financial contribution or donate dog and/or cat food to Meals on Wheels
  • Partner with Meals on Wheels as a "pick-up" location for delivery, or a "drop-off" location for donated food
  • Hold a pet food drive to benefit the program — an ideal project for your office, school, church group, or organization

Yes, I want to support the AniMeals program!