Beat The Heat

Client with window unit

As summer temperatures rise, it's crucial to help our senior neighbors stay cool and safe. You can make a big difference by donating a tower fan or window unit. Many seniors live on fixed incomes and struggle with cooling costs. Your donation to Beat the Heat, a program dedicated to assisting seniors, can provide essential relief and prevent heat-related illnesses.

Use these links for easy donation and direct shipping to us. Thank you for your generosity in protecting our senior neighbors from the heat.

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why are seniors at risk?

  • Older adults, age 65+, respond slower to rapid temperature changes.
  • Elder people with existing medical conditions may face some additional weakness due to excessive heat.

Check on your neighbors

  • Evaluate the temperature of their living space.
  • Make sure they know how to keep cool.
  • Check for signs of dehydration or heat stress.
  • Seek medical attention if they exhibit symptoms like:
           - nausea                           - muscle cramps   
           - dizziness                        - headaches
           - weakness                       - vomiting

Tips to stay safe in hot weather


Wear loose


Drink plenty
of water


Stay indoors


Know your